Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Tradition: Weekly Hump-Day Giveaway - FREE JEWELRY EVERY WEEK!!!!

I've decided to start a new tradition here Rosey Jewels Blog: The weekly Hump-Day Giveaway!
All you have to do to get one automatic entry - is be a follower!!

For the very first giveaway - You get to choose the jewelry item - any item - from the clearance section on Rosey Jewels Etsy (http://roseyjewels.etsy.com/). Just comment below which item you would like. (You'll still be entered if you don't comment, but it will be easier if you do. Plus you get 1 extra entry!)

Then, starting next week - there will be a photo placed under the "Followers" section of the prize for that Wednesday. All current followers up to midnight the Tuesday before will be entered.

An extra entry will be given to anyone who leaves comments on the blog throughout that week!

If I've forgotten to mention any important details or you have questions, please let me know!!

Yeah for new traditions!!!
First random drawing will be tomorrow, 8/5/09 at noon!!


  1. Photo by Andrew Tonn, who is the featured Giveaway right now - http://theboutiquebloggiveaway.com!!

  2. LOVE that picture :)

  3. oo i'd love the CLEARANCE SALE - Andrea - semi-precious Blue Aventurine and Botswanna Agate Necklace!!

  4. Giveaway Diva - don't forget to follow to be entered!! :)


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