Thursday, July 30, 2009

Musings: Droopy Thursday Eyelids

Goodness, I can barely keep my eyes open today!

Yesterday I visited my favorite Independant bead shop, A World of Beads, and found some very wonderful gems for my next couple of jewelry designs. Moonstone, Mango Chalcedony, Candy Jade, MOP, more moonstoone, rainbow moonstore. After shopping, going to the grocery, starting laundry and then making dinner...I sat down around 8:30 to start making a necklace and just simply could not decide what I wanted to make. After a little daydreaming, finally I decided on a double strand wire wrapped necklace, using the candy jade, rainbow moonstone rondells and the second strand with the smaller moonstone beads. I managed to finish one of the strands last night, though I'm paying big time for the lack of sleep. If I can manage to keep my eyes open long enough, I am going to finish the second stand. Perhaps I will have a picture to show you tomorrow!

And then on to the less-fun, kinda boring part of this business...I need to start listing these items on Etsy, work on promoting, etc etc. If only I could make the jewelry and somehow it would magically sell itself. Sigh...

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