Monday, July 13, 2009

Comments Campaigne!!!

I have this friend, Andrew, who happens to be a DAMN GOOD photographer. I've been trying to convince him that he NEEDS to be on Etsy, or otherwise selling his photos. Why should be the world be deprived of his fine art?? Right???

SO, help me convince him some more!!!! I've posted some of my favorites, a couple which are actually hanging on my walls, and you can check him out on his own professional website -

Leave as many comments as possible telling him how much you like his work and how he should be sharing it with the world! (I've even offered to set it up for him!!!)


  1. WoW!!!! Can I move to the top picture? Picture 6 is amazing too!! Love them all - he should definitely be on Etsy.

  2. They're amazing!

    Why no Etsy? He'll get a lot more views! And I'd buy if he was on Etsy. ;3

  3. stunning photos! Definitely should be shared with the world. I was nervous about sharing my photos too, but I LOVE having a shop on etsy! It's been a fabulous experience!


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