Friday, July 10, 2009

Musings: And now I'm a bit tired...

My goodness, what a busy night! I can only say it must have been the Mt. Dew...

Created the Rosey's Giveaway Blog - featuring other blogger's giveaways. Please be sure to check it out! Follow the blog and you'll be automatically entered into any of MY giveaways. Not to mention, why wouldn't you follow a blog that gives you tons of opportunities to win some awesome products? The link in on the side bar!

Continuously monitored my forum post regarding those having/hosting a blog giveaway and then checking out those blogs so that I could add their giveaways to the new blog. (Leave a comment below if you are having a giveaway that you would like to include on the Giveaway Blog!)

Made the necklace posted below. It's not what I was attempting to create originally, but it just kinda happened that way. I'll attempt my original vision again this weekend.

Listed the above mentioned necklace just in time to get it on to today's Main Showcase.

Worked with a lovely woman getting married in August for made-of-honor/bridesmaids gifts.

Watched both volumns of Kill Bill (because how can you just watch the first volumn and not continue to the second?) while working on the above mentioned items.

Deep breath...

Now, on to figuring out today's Featured Friday seller.

And I guess while doing so, I'll be watching Forest Gump because that is what my significant other has choosen to watch.

I'm a bit tired.
(Drawing by Michelle Rose)

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